About Us

The Center for Ecolonomic Excellence and Development (CEED) is the branding for a growing group of companies, entrepreneurs and projects that are "Teaching People to Make Some Money Making the Planet Better".

We have for-profit and not-for-profit programs and projects and we firmly believe that the only way we can have a better tomorrow for the next generations is to work with a collaborative team attitude to be regenerative, restorative and ecolonomic.

We help entrepreneurs build their businesses through consulting, advising, coaching, mentoring and even funding.  We try to charge minimal fees and take risk alongside our partners whenever possible.  

We use all of the funds that we can generate through our entrepreneurial efforts to fund projects that "Teach People to Fish".  We use a program called Hope For the Hopeless to regeneratively deal with hunger and malnutrition around the world.

Join us in this effort in whatever way you can!