Minnow Fishing lures for Bass Fresh Salt Water Hard Bait #4 Hook

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1PCS Super Quality 5 Colors 11cm 10.5g Hard Bait Minnow Fishing lures Bass Fresh Salt water 4#hook

100% Brand New
Length:   11 cm
Weight: 10.5 g
Hooks : 2 Sharp & High Penetration Hooks
 Package includes:1 x Baits 
They create life-like swimming actions in water!
Bright colors  to attract big fish!
3D eyes make it a powerful catching tool! 

Product Features:

1.The fishing lures are created life-like swimming actions in water.

2.  Bright colors, easy to find fish in the water.

3.The triangle barbed hooks, made the fish difficult to decouple.

4. Easy to use due to proper combination of wobbling and rolling. It is also easy to the freshman, so you do not need to worry about you are a freshman.

5.The material is high quality.